Hut-Hut Kids Resin by Kalon Studios

Hut-Hut Kids is intended for toddlers and up. It's broad, low, rocking form offers a playful and safe way for toddlers and children to explore and learn balance. Hut-Hut (Giddy-up for Camels) is a playful reinterpretation of the rocking horse. Made on a 5-axis CNC machine, the engraved star pattern is both a decorative element and an efficient use of machining time. Rather than resurfacing the piece to hide the machining lines, these lines have been incorporated into the piece as a decorative element, reducing the surface’s machining time by 75%. All FSC Certified.


  • Sustainable Resin Rocking-Stool
  • 100% Recycled Sustainable Resin or FSC Certified Black
  • Fully Sustainable
  • Domestically Made-to-Order
  • 5 Candy-Bright Color Options


20”W, 10”H, 20”D

Price: $110.00


Availability: Please allow 3-4 weeks.